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Hello Hardcore Samples Maniac!

I’m glad my friend, that you are visiting me! If you need the tools to produce all varieties of hardcore music, you’re in the right place. I will gradually expand this site for a new package of hardcore samples, articles and tutorials. Start the download this free pack:

Free Hardcore Samples – Direct Download (zip)


These are fully Professional Loops, Sounds, Effects, Kicks made ​​by my best partner – Lucid Samples. Thank You!

Download more free samples


Save a lot of time and today access to a large collection of samples hardcore, gabber, techno! Even today you can produce professional tracks, using a new, sensational samples. If you need high quality sound, you want to download all the necessary samples in one place and do not want to pay too much, I invite below:

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Hardcore Samples Invasion


Download 2006 Hardcore Sounds, Hardcore Drums, Fx Sounds, Hardcore Synths.

This is a really great collection of mad, crushing, dark, sharp and scary sound samples and hardcore loops. I personally use these samples and I can honestly recom

mend them to Hardcore, Gabber, Noise, Terrorcore, Speedcore producers.

Download Sample Pack



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